Jooleer Kalimba User Agreement

This "Jooleer Kalimba Service Usage Agreement" is a contract between you (referred to as "user") and Hangzhou Dianyin Educational Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Jooleer Kalimba") for the use of the software produced by Jooleer Kalimba when registering and using it.

**Section One: Important Notice**

1. Users should carefully read (minors should read under the guidance of a guardian) and fully understand the terms of this agreement. If users do not agree to this agreement, they should immediately stop the registration and usage.

2. By clicking the "Agree" button during the registration process, users indicate full acceptance of all terms under this agreement.

3. After successful registration, Jooleer Kalimba will provide each user with a user account and corresponding password. Users are responsible for safeguarding their account and password; they should keep the account and password secure. If the account and password are stolen, users shall be legally liable for all activities and events conducted using their user account.

**Section Two: Service Content**

1. The specific content of services provided by Jooleer Kalimba will be based on the actual situation, including course learning, accompaniment libraries, etc.

2. Some services provided by Jooleer Kalimba (such as course purchases, song libraries, etc.) are fee-based services. To use fee-based services, users need to pay a certain fee to Jooleer Kalimba. For fee-based services, Jooleer Kalimba will give users clear prompts before usage. Only when users confirm their willingness to pay the relevant fees as per the prompt, can they use the fee-based services. If users refuse to pay the relevant fees, Jooleer Kalimba has the right to withhold the provision of such services.

3. Users understand that Jooleer Kalimba only provides software-related services. Devices (such as phones, personal computers, and other devices related to internet or mobile networks) and costs (such as phone fees, internet fees, mobile phone fees, etc.) related to using the services should be borne by users.

4. Users agree that Jooleer Kalimba may use user information obtained through the service, including but not limited to using it for rankings, allowing other users of Jooleer Kalimba to view user profiles, names, voices, and other personal information.

**Section Three: User Usage Rules**

1. After successful registration, users have the right to use the Jooleer Kalimba software functions to share and communicate with other users, including course learning, instructional posts, singing songs, and sharing all other content of interest to users.

2. Users have the right to use the personal homepage, upload photos, and share personal information provided by Jooleer Kalimba.

3. When using Jooleer Kalimba, users must comply with relevant national laws and regulations. Content must not include any of the following:

a) Opposing the fundamental principles of the constitution;
b) Endangering national security, leaking state secrets, subverting state power, undermining national unity;
c) Harming national honor and interests;
d) Inciting ethnic hatred, discrimination, or disrupting ethnic unity;
e) Violating state religious policies, promoting cults and feudal superstitions;
f) Spreading rumors, disrupting social order, undermining social stability;
g) Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror, or inciting crime;
h) Insulting or defaming others, infringing upon their legitimate rights;
i) Containing false, harmful, coercive, privacy-invading, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, or morally offensive content;
j) Containing content restricted or prohibited by Chinese laws, regulations, rules, or other legally binding norms;
k) Containing content deemed detrimental to the operation of Jooleer Kalimba.

4. Users must understand the usage rules. Jooleer Kalimba is for personal communication, learning, and appreciation. It must not be used for commercial purposes. Users cannot sell information or performances using this service, conduct surveys, advertising, or any other commercial activities.

5. Users guarantee the truthfulness and accuracy of information they publish or distribute through Jooleer Kalimba. They agree not to publish rumors or other statements that deviate from the truth and may cause discomfort to others.

6. Users guarantee that they will not publish or distribute information that infringes on intellectual property rights when using Jooleer Kalimba.

7. If users engage in the actions described in points 3-6 above, they shall bear all legal responsibilities for violations and infringements. If such actions cause any losses to Jooleer Kalimba, Jooleer Kalimba has the right to claim rights from the responsible user. Additionally, Jooleer Kalimba has the right to terminate services for users engaging in illegal, infringing, or rule-breaking behavior. If government or judicial authorities require Jooleer Kalimba to disclose specific information about users engaged in infringing activities, Jooleer Kalimba has the right to provide such information in accordance with current regulations.

8. Users agree that Jooleer Kalimba has the right to place various types of commercial advertisements or other commercial information in various ways during the provision of services. Furthermore, users agree to receive promotional information or other related commercial information from Jooleer Kalimba via email or other means.

**Section Four: Service Changes, Interruption, or Termination**

1. Considering the uniqueness of services, users agree that Jooleer Kalimba has the right to change, interrupt, or terminate part or all of the services (including fee-based and free services) at any time. For changes, interruptions, or terminations of free services, Jooleer Kalimba does not need to notify users and is not liable to users or any third parties. For changes, interruptions, or terminations of fee-based services, Jooleer Kalimba shall notify users in advance and provide equivalent alternative fee-based services to affected users. If users do not wish to accept alternative fee-based services, Jooleer Kalimba shall deduct the corresponding service fees based on the user's actual usage of the relevant fee-based services and refund the remaining service fees.

2. Users understand that Jooleer Kalimba needs to periodically or irregularly perform maintenance or repairs on the platform or related devices providing services. If this causes fee-based services to be interrupted within a reasonable time, Jooleer Kalimba is not liable. However, Jooleer Kalimba will strive to provide prior notice.

3. Jooleer Kalimba has the right to interrupt or terminate the provision of services under this agreement to users in any of the following situations:

a) User-provided personal information is untrue;
b) Users violate the usage rules stipulated in this agreement;
c) Users of fee-based services do not pay the corresponding service fees as required;
d) Natural disasters or other force majeure events prevent Jooleer Kalimba from operating.

4. If a user's registered free service account is not actually used for a continuous period of 90 days, or if a user's registered fee-based service account is not actually used for a continuous period of 180 days after the service period has expired, Joole

er Kalimba has the right to delete the account and stop providing related services to the user.

5. If a user's registered free account nickname violates laws, regulations, or national policy requirements, or infringes upon the legitimate rights and interests of any third party, Jooleer Kalimba has the right to reclaim the account nickname.

6. The right to interpret this agreement belongs to Jooleer Kalimba.