Jooleer Kalimba App Feature Guide

When using for the first time, you can select the language at the top right of the screen, with options for Chinese and English that can be switched between. Choose the account and password login mode, and input the account and password provided by Jooleer to log in directly. Don't forget to check the privacy policy acceptance box below.

The image below shows the main interface after the user logs in.

Click on the settings button at the top right to access the settings page. On the right side, you can switch between 17Keys and 21Keys. This setting should match the Kalimba you have. A 17-key Kalimba cannot play tracks meant for a 21-key Kalimba, while a 21-key Kalimba can play tracks meant for a 17-key Kalimba.

When entering the Song Library, you'll need to choose from three modes for a selected track. Click on a mode to enter learning or playing.

Above the three modes, there's a speed adjustment feature. Clicking the button on the left decreases the speed, clicking the button on the right increases the speed, and clicking the button in the middle returns to the original speed. If there's accompanying music, it will stop playing after adjusting the speed. The 'Full' button plays the full performance, the 'Melod' button plays only the melody, and the 'Chords' button plays only the accompaniment. The sheet music mode can only load the Full mode.

The songs in the 'Self-study Book' on the homepage are the same as those in the paper songbook included in the Jooleer Kalimba Parcel, making it convenient for you to find and play.

The songs in the 'Daily Practice' module are all basic exercises for you to choose and practice selectively.

The Smart Tuner is used to adjust the pitch of each note on your Kalimba. Select a note on the screen, play it, and if the note is flat, use a tuning hammer to strike upward from underneath the steel bar. If the note is sharp, use the tuning hammer to strike downward from above the steel bar. If there is no response, please check if the microphone recording permission for the Jooleer Kalimba App is enabled in your phone settings. After ensuring it's enabled, restart the app and test again.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please click here to contact us.

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