Jooleer Tongue Drum App Feature Guide

When logging in, please use the membership account provided by Jooleer directly, and you will immediately enjoy the subscription service. The complimentary subscription duration is one year. After it expires, you can resubscribe at

For first-time use, please select your preferred language. Click the arrow on the top left to return to the main interface.

Click on the gear icon at the top right to enter the settings interface. Click on 'Song Library' to enter the song selection page.

The 'Tuning Selection' option allows you to switch between C Key and D Key. After switching, when playing a track, it will play audio in the selected tuning. Adjust the tuning to match the audio with your tongue drum. Please note that for some tracks with accompaniment music, this setting may not take effect.

The 'AR Mode' turns the background black, which enhances projection effects if you are using a projector. The default mode is 'Normal Mode.'

The switch between '13 Keys' and '15 Keys' refers to the model setting of your tongue drum. A 15 Keys tongue drum can play tracks for 13 Keys, while a 13 Keys tongue drum cannot play tracks for 15 Keys.

The 'Custom Position' feature in the settings is particularly important. It allows you to set the position of each note because the positions of the notes may vary between different brands or batches of tongue drums. We recommend completing this setup during the first use to ensure that the positions of each note in the app match those of your actual tongue drum."

After clicking the 'Song Library' button, you can see a selection of tracks in different styles. Choose the track you want to play, then click to enter the play interface. The blue play circle button toggles between demonstration and practice modes. On the right side, there are buttons for play, refresh, and sheet music switching. You can also access additional settings and speed adjustment options as needed.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please click here to contact us.

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