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Custom Laser Engraving Service on Kalimba

Custom Laser Engraving Service on Kalimba

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Welcome to Jooleer Kalimba's custom laser engraving service! Through this exclusive link, you are embarking on a unique journey of musical art. Please note, this link provides customization services only and does not include shipping.

We apply precision laser technology to the back of your Kalimba, creating a one-of-a-kind artistic piece based on your specifications. The front remains untouched, preserving the original design for an uninterrupted playing experience.

Customization Process:

  1. Upload  Your Image: Click the "Upload Image" button to upload your content for laser engraving.

  2. Important Note: Ensure you place an order with a Jooleer Kalimba that supports engraving to enjoy the laser engraving service.

  3. Purchase Link: Complete the payment for this order.

  4. Engraving Production: Our professional team will meticulously craft and laser engrave your design, ensuring outstanding quality.

  5. Expedited Delivery: Once customized, we'll promptly ship your order if placed alongside a Jooleer Kalimba that supports engraving.

Important Information:

  • Engraving is limited to the back of the Kalimba; the front retains its original design.

  • Transparent acrylic styles do not support laser engraving. Only Kalimbas with a white or wooden back support engraving.

Please ensure you upload the image you want to engrave after clicking the "Upload Image" button and then proceed with your order. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer service team.

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