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Jooleer 17/21 Keys Okoume Wood Kalimba with Smartphone Slot

Jooleer 17/21 Keys Okoume Wood Kalimba with Smartphone Slot

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【Dedicated phone slot design】It can be used as a musical instrument and a phone stand.

【Free with Rhythm App】Play without learning, and receive a one-year membership subscription with real-time updates for the entire music library.

【Clear varnish】Restores the real texture of wood and provides a comfortable grip.

【Easy & fun to play】Everyone can enjoy music with a low learning curve.

【Great gift】A presentable gift suitable for users of all ages.


Kalimba Package Includes:

1*17/21 Keys Kalimba

1*Tuning Hammer

1*Carry Bag

2*Finger Covers

1*Cleaning Cloth

1*App Setup Tutorial

1* Thumb Piano Key Stickers


17 Keys Kalimba Size:

Height 1.5 Inches*Length 7.2 Inches*Width 4.8 Inches

17 Keys Kalimba Package Size & Weight:

Height 2.4 Inches*Length 8 Inches*Width 5.2 Inches & 1.05 Pounds


21 Keys Kalimba Size:

Height 1.5 Inches*Length 7.2 Inches*Width 5.5 Inches

21 Keys Kalimba Package Size & Weight:

Height 3 Inches*Length 10 Inches*Width 8 Inches & 1.36 Pounds



1.This product package includes kalimba and accessories, but does not include a mobile phone. The mobile phone in the picture above is only for effect display. 

2.The account and password for the App have been printed on the user guide, and you can log in directly.

3.The thumb piano has been tuned at the factory. If you need to tune, you can scan the QR code in the package to view the guide, Jooleer Kalimba App has the tuner function.

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