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Jooleer 17 Keys Moon Design Acrylic Kalimba with Smartphone Stand and Case

Jooleer 17 Keys Moon Design Acrylic Kalimba with Smartphone Stand and Case

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【Easy to Learn】Comes with a complimentary follow-along app subscription for one year, allowing you to play even without reading sheet music.

【High-Quality Acrylic】The main body of the Kalimba is made of high-transparency acrylic, with a moon pattern on the bottom that integrates seamlessly with the body, creating an exquisite and aesthetically pleasing design.

【Clean and Transparent Sound】Produces a sound that is free from any distortion or noise, allowing you to immerse yourself in its pure and soul-soothing melodies.

【Stainless Steel Mineral Keys】The keys are made of stainless steel, preventing rusting and ensuring a smooth, seamless touch experience for your thumbs.

【Comprehensive Accessories】Includes a phone holder and all necessary accessories, providing a complete set for immediate use.

【Precise Tuning】Pre-tuned before delivery, allowing you to start playing as soon as you receive it.

【Dedicated EVA Case】Custom-sized EVA case designed specifically for the Kalimba, with additional space to store the accessories.


Kalimba Size & Weight:

5.5 Inches * 5.5 Inches * 2 Inches & 0.96 Pound

Package Size & Weight:

9.8 Inches * 7.8 Inches * 2.75 Inches & 1.2 Pounds


Kalimba Package Includes:

1*17 Keys Kalimba

1*Tuning Hammer

1*EVA Protective Case

2*Finger Covers

1*Cleaning Cloth

1*Sheet Music Book

1* Thumb Piano Key Stickers

1*Phone Holder

1*Installation Guide

1*Carry Bag



1.This product package includes kalimba and accessories, but does not include a mobile phone. The mobile phone in the picture above is only for effect display. 

2.The account and password for the App have been printed on the user guide, and you can log in directly.

3.The thumb piano has been tuned at the factory. If you need to tune, you can scan the QR code in the package to view the guide, Jooleer Kalimba App has the tuner function.


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