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Jooleer 21 Keys Black Walnut Wood Kalimba with Smartphone Stand and Case

Jooleer 21 Keys Black Walnut Wood Kalimba with Smartphone Stand and Case

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【Companion App with Song Library Subscription】 Enhance your musical journey with the included companion app, offering a one-year subscription to a comprehensive song library. Additionally, you can effortlessly upload your own compositions to expand the app's music database.

【Detachable and Adjustable Phone Holder】 The product features a convenient detachable phone stand that can be easily adjusted to your preferred angle. It is also compatible with third-party electronic sheet music apps, providing versatility. When not in use, the stand can be detached for compact storage.

【Superb Quality】 Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this product boasts superior quality. It incorporates selected high-quality wood and stainless steel keys made from premium minerals. The solid walnut wood body enhances the overall resonance and aesthetics.

【Beautiful Brown Piano Lacquer Finish】 The exquisite brown piano lacquer finish not only adds visual appeal but also provides a satisfying tactile experience.

【Box-Style Body for Enhanced Resonance】 The expertly designed box-style body ensures optimal resonance, resulting in exceptional sound performance. Acoustic engineers and materials experts have meticulously fine-tuned this instrument to perfection.

【Excellent After-Sales Service and No-Questions-Asked Refund Guarantee】 Enjoy peace of mind with our excellent after-sales service. We offer a hassle-free refund policy, ensuring customer satisfaction.

【Engraved Keys for Easy Note Recognition and Playability】 The keys are thoughtfully engraved with musical notes, facilitating note recognition and enhancing playability. The specialized large tilting angle design of the keys ensures a comfortable playing experience.

【Innovative Rivet Nut Design at the Top of Kalimba】 The top of the Kalimba features an innovative rivet nut design, seamlessly integrating with the detachable and adjustable phone stand. This design not only enhances aesthetics but also ensures a harmonious user experience.

【Beautiful Logo with Four Polishing Processes】 The product showcases a beautifully designed logo that has undergone four meticulous polishing processes, reflecting the high-end quality of the Jooleer Kalimba.

【Professional-Grade Sound Quality】 Experience professional-grade sound quality, even in the high register. The instrument produces clear and resonant tones, allowing for expressive performances.

【21 Keys for Extended Range and Versatility】 The 21 keys offer a wider range of notes, enabling you to play a greater variety of melodies. The precise tuning guarantees accurate and consistent pitch. Start playing right out of the box.

【Perfectly Fitted EVA Case for Portability and Protection】 The included EVA case is custom-designed to provide a snug fit, ensuring portability while offering optimal protection for your Jooleer Kalimba during travel and storage.

Immerse yourself in the world of music and elevate your playing experience with the Jooleer Kalimba. 


Kalimba Size:



Kalimba Package Includes:

1*21 Keys Kalimba

1*Tuning Hammer

1*EVA Protective Case

2*Finger Covers

1*Cleaning Cloth

1*Sheet Music Book

1* Thumb Piano Key Stickers

1*Phone Holder

1*Installation Guide



1.This product package includes kalimba and accessories, but does not include a mobile phone. The mobile phone in the picture above is only for effect display. 

2.The account and password for the App have been printed on the user guide, and you can log in directly.

3.The thumb piano has been tuned at the factory. If you need to tune, you can scan the QR code in the package to view the guide, Jooleer Kalimba App has the tuner function.


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