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Jooleer 17 Keys Jellyfish Transparent Acrylic Kalimba with Smartphone Stand and Case

Jooleer 17 Keys Jellyfish Transparent Acrylic Kalimba with Smartphone Stand and Case

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Phone Holder】The cleverly designed phone holder that comes with it can be adjusted to various angles and can be easily detached or attached as needed. It allows users to use the accompanying app on their phone or display electronic sheet music while playing.

Follow-along App】This Kalimba is compatible with a follow-along app for playing music. Playing the instrument becomes as simple and enjoyable as playing a game.The app contains a variety of follow-along songs and will be regularly updated with new content. Contact us if you need to upload your own songs!

Complete Set of Accessories】In addition to the complimentary EVA case, tuning hammer, thumb protectors, note stickers, sheet music, phone holder, and cleaning cloth, the instruction manual also includes a one-year free subscription to the app with an account and password provided.

High-Quality Materials & Hand-Rest Curve Design】The body of the Kalimba is made of high-quality acrylic material with a colorful and transparent finish, and is complemented by mineral stainless steel keys that are embossed with note names. The overall design is both visually pleasing and emotionally captivating when played.

Pitch Accuracy in Scale】The Kalimba is tuned to the standard C major scale and will be shipped already tuned, ensuring stable and accurate pitch. The accompanying app also includes a tuning function for additional support, and users can refer to the guide in the app and use the tuning hammer if needed.

Jellyfish-Shaped Design】The Kalimba features an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the hand, with a moderate weight. The high-transparency colorful acrylic creates different color effects at different angles of light, resembling the vibrant creatures of the underwater world.

Countersunk Nut】Equipped with a sturdy countersunk screw, the removable phone stand can be easily and aesthetically installed without any sense of discomfort.

Learning Through Play】Jooleer Kalimba breaks away from the traditional requirement of having to understand music notation or learn music theory in order to play an instrument, blending playing with gaming and lowering the barrier to music education.

Music Libraries】There are a large number of music libraries, including TikTok, Japanese and Korean, Pop, Classic, play and singing, children's songs, there is always a song you like. You can also contact the staff to upload your own score.

Wide Range of Ages】Suitable for a wide range of users aged 4 and above, regardless of gender.

As a Gift】Whether for personal use or as a gift for family, friends, colleagues, or classmates, the Kalimba is a highly suitable option. It is not only a leisurely and entertaining toy, but also a musical instrument capable of playing beautiful melodies and chords. Playing the Kalimba allows users to enjoy both melody and harmony at the same time.

Kalimba Package Includes:

1*17 Keys Kalimba

1*Tuning Hammer

1*EVA Protective Case

2*Finger Covers

1*Cleaning Cloth

1*Sheet Music Book

1* Thumb Piano Key Stickers

1*Phone Holder

1*Installation Guide



1.This product package includes kalimba and accessories, but does not include a mobile phone. The mobile phone in the picture above is only for effect display. 

2.The account and password for the App have been printed on the user guide, and you can log in directly.

3.The thumb piano has been tuned at the factory. If you need to tune, you can scan the QR code in the package to view the guide, Jooleer Kalimba App has the tuner function.

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