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Jooleer Vision Tongue Drum XR

Jooleer Vision Tongue Drum XR

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【Complete Hardware Set】Includes a comprehensive set of equipment, no need to purchase additional accessories, ready to start playing instantly.

【No Need for Eyewear】Avoid the cumbersome and heavy AR glasses, protect your eyes, and recreate a genuine experience.

【Shock-Absorbing Stand】Built-in shock-absorbing springs in the stand for enhanced stability, with the option to install a weight sandbag.

【XR Projection】Integrated software for precise projection, 1:1 assistive play screen, making it easy to locate the positions of musical notes.

【High-Quality Sound】After secondary tuning, it produces a delightful, clear, and ethereal sound that promotes relaxation and enjoyment.

【Ultra-Low Entry Barrier】Play without the need to learn, featuring both gaming and sheet music dual modes.

【Full-Body Interaction】Engage your entire body, ears, and eyes, experiencing, immersing, and relishing the music.

【All Age Groups】Suitable for all age groups, from toddlers to adults and seniors, accommodating people of all ages and genders.

【Extended Membership】Includes a generous 5-year VIP membership subscription as a complimentary offering.

【Extensive Music Library】Over 800 songs available across five categories, offering real-time updates.

【Customized Tracks】You can customize tracks and upload your favorite songs.

【Multiple Scenarios】Supports use in various settings, including homes, communities, schools, and institutions.

【24/7 Service】Online customer support available, providing real-time guidance for installation and usage.

Item Quantity Parameters Weight
Floor Projection Stand 1 Storage height 3.9 feet, expandable height up to 9.2 feet 7.28 lbs
XR Projector 1 31 inches@1m, 4K, 2GB+16GB, built-in battery, 6.3x3.9x1.1 inches 1.03 lbs
Jooleer Tongue Drum 15-Tone Drum 1 14 inches/15-tone/D-tuning/White 7.7 lbs
Pan/Tilt 1 Adjustable angle type -
Remote Control 1 Infrared type -
Touch Pen 1 Infrared type -
Power Adapter 1 12V 3A -
Drumsticks (Pair) 1 - -
Sheet Music (Paper) 1 - -
Musical Note Stickers 1 - -
Finger Guards (Pair) 1 - -
Cleaning Cloth 1 - -
Drumstick Stand 1 - -
User Manual 1 - -
Weight Sandbag 1 - -


  1. Beyond the provided complimentary membership subscription duration, you can play free songs or re-subscribe. Please refer to the information within the app for specifics.
  2. The accompanying App is currently available on iOS devices.
  3. For custom song requests or uploading your own songs, please contact customer service separately.
  4. The package does not include a table.



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