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Pipe Flute Dizi Vintage Style Chinese Oriental Non-Bamboo PPR Eco-friendly Instrument Traditional Tape Membrane

Pipe Flute Dizi Vintage Style Chinese Oriental Non-Bamboo PPR Eco-friendly Instrument Traditional Tape Membrane

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  • The E key flute is more suitable for beginners and most players.
  • Pipe Dizi is made of PPR material without painting and insect-proofing process, making it more environmentally friendly and hygienic.
  • Pipe Dizi is a 12-tone equal temperament instrument with accurate pitch, a wide range of sound, and beautiful tone. The instruction manual includes fingering instructions.
  • Pipe Dizi's membrane is made of ordinary adhesive tape, which is more convenient to use. The internal plug is made of wood and has been pre-tuned during production.


Sound: The Pipe Dizi has a characteristic sound with clear and melodious high notes and powerful and rich low notes. Different materials and sizes produce different tones, much like how colors have their own sounds, which is a matter of personal preference.

Environmental friendliness: The Pipe Dizi is made of Polypropylene Random Copolymer, a food-grade material commonly used in water pipes, food packaging, and medical packaging. The polishing, hole drilling, and installation of the plugs are done purely through physical means. Compared to traditional bamboo flutes that require painting and insect prevention, the Pipe Dizi is more environmentally friendly.

Maintenance: The Pipe Dizi is water-resistant and heat-resistant (with a melting temperature of about 500 Fahrenheit), and will never crack due to natural use. It can be washed with water for better hygiene.

Tuning: We have technical support from multiple physicists during the production process. The tuning of the Pipe Dizi is based on precise calculations and multiple precise tunings.

Eye-catching: The Pipe Dizi is an affordable instrument that produces professional-quality sound, making it more attractive to audiences and fans. We believe that the Pipe Dizi can contribute to your musical dreams and attract more fans.

Professional: The hole positions, hole sizes, inner diameter of the flute, and the position of the plugs all have an impact on the sound quality. Accurate calculations and exquisite craftsmanship are necessary to make the Pipe Dizi. It is easy to produce various techniques such as vibrato, trills, and ornamentations.

Fingerings: The package includes a guide to common fingerings, making it easy for anyone to learn from beginners to advanced players.



Which key of Pipe Dizi should I choose?

The higher the key, the higher the sound and the shorter the flute, with smaller hole distances. The lower the key, the lower the sound, the longer the flute, and the larger the hole distance.For beginners, we recommend the E or F key. The G key is only suitable for children or women with smaller hands, while adult male beginners can choose the D key. However, this is not absolute and should be chosen based on individual circumstances.

What is the purpose of the flute membrane?

A flute with a membrane hole produces a brighter sound. The easiest method is to use adhesive tape, or a traditional flute membrane can be used.



  1. The line on the surface of the Pipe Dizi has no meaning, it is only a reference position for production.

  2. The wooden plug inside the Pipe Dizi should not be moved, otherwise it will affect the pitch of the Pipe Dizi.


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